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WFM Wireless Music Distribution

Price: $229.99
Manufacturer: Apply digital

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Transmit Music Throughout Your Salon Without Running Cables!

The WFM Wireless Music Distribution System is the easiest way to distribute music throughout your salon. The WFM™ uses the unused FM frequencies in your area to transmit music throughout your salon so you don't have to run cables.

How Do I Transmit The Music To Each Room?

A WFM™ Wireless Music Distribution Transmitter is used to transmit music to each room. One WFM™ Transmitter us needed for each music channel you want to transmit. If you want 4 different kinds of music available to your tanning customers, then you will use 4 WFM™ Wireless Music Distribution Transmitters.

Each WFM™ Wireless Music Distribution transmitter has a MPEG style input. You supply the music source which connects to the input port on each WFM™ Wireless Music Transmitter; whether it is a MP3 player, CD player, radio etc. One music source is required for each transmitter.


Each Transmitter is tuned to an unused frequency on the FM Radio Band in your area. Make sure you set each WFM™ Music Transmitter to a different frequency.

What Do I Use in Each Tanning Room?

Our WFM™ Wireless Music Distribution Receiver is used to play the music in each room. Each WFM™ Receiver can be tuned to up to 9 different frequencies! Simply connect any 4 or 8ohm speaker to the WFM™ Wireless Music Receivers, tune each channel to the frequencies you set the WFM™ Wireless Music Transmitters to, and you’re done***.

The WFM™ Wireless Music Transmitters also work perfectly with our Python In-Bed Audio Amplifier!

The great thing about our WFM™ Wireless Music Receivers is that your tanners will not be able to tune to a radio to a station that is possibly advertising your competitors salons or play music that may be offensive to other tanners.

The WFM™ Wireless Music Receiver has a maximum volume setting so you can keep the music from getting too loud. Your tanners will be able to enjoy the music they are listening to while not being disturbed by other tanners music; providing them a more pleasant tanning experience. This setting also means you won't have to listen to all different types of music at the front desk!

You have complete control over what is being sent to each room! You can even use one channel as an information channel, advertising specials, giving instructions etc. You could even sell advertising time to local businesses, providing you with extra income. The possibilities are endless!


A WFM™ Receiver is installed in each tanning room and is connected to either 4 or 8ohm speakers. Your customer simply chooses which channel they want to listen to***.

You can also use a Standard FM Tuner in each tanning room to receive the music. Simply set the preset channels on your FM receiver (whether it is a regular FM radio or the FM Tuner that comes in many tanning beds sold today) to the frequencies you set each WFM™ Transmitter to.


You now have control over the music being played in each room. And because you are using unused frequencies in the FM band, you do not have to run any wires throughout your salon!

And because this is not a music service, there are no monthly fees!

The WFM™ covers 200 feet, more than enough range for the biggest salons!

Time to move your salon to a bigger location? No problem! Because the WFM™ Wireless Music Distribution System is wireless, it is easily moved and re-installed.

I don't get good FM reception in my Salon!

This is because the FM radio station is miles away. Here, your music source is right in your salon, so you will get clean and clear reception regardless of how bad your FM Radio reception!


· No more customers tuning through radio stations possibly advertising your competition while they are tanning in your salon.

· No more complaints from customers because of another customer is playing vulgar music because you control the music being sent to each room.

· Set one or more channels as information channels to advertise your own specials, provide information or instructions and even generate extra revenue by selling time to local businesses.

· Wireless installation makes it very easy to install!

· A Maximum volume setting is available on each WFM Wireless Music Distribution Receiver so your customer can enjoy their music without being disturbed, proving them a more pleasant tanning experience!

· No monthly fees!

· Easy to move and re-install!

· Your in control!

The WFM™ Wireless Music Distribution is simply the easiest and best way to distribute music throughout your salon! Contact one of our distributors and order your WFM™ Wireless Music Distribution today!

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