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T-Max Manager G2

Price: $649.99
Item Number: 24hr Tan Manager G2


The T-Max® Manager G2™ is a front desk control unit for the T-Max® timers. It can be connected to up to 60 T-Max® 3W/G2s to control up to 60 tanning units in a single salon. It also works with tanning beds with T-Max® Certified Timers installed in them.

The display consists of 10, two-digit LED displays along the top of the T-Max® Manager G2™ with a Start/Stop and Set button below each display for manual control. A Horizontal row of 6 LEDs indicates which bank of ten beds are being displayed. The T-Max® Manager G2™ can be used manually or be controlled with a PC using today's most popular tanning software.

Up to eight T-Max® Manager G2s™ and/or T-Max® Manager/Pros can be connected in a single salon.

The T-Max® Manager G2™ can also connect to our G2™ Access point, allowing you to control your salon without the need to run cables throughout your salon. For more information on the G2™ Access Point, click here.

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