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Spectrum Teeth Shade Guide

Price: $100.00
Item Number: guide
Manufacturer: pearl brite pro
Manufacturer Part No: guide
If you are going to buy a teeth shade guide, make sure that it is a real BLEACHING guide. There are only 2 really good bleaching guides in the teeth whitening industry (the Spectrum Bleaching Guide and the R-20) and we offer both of them. However, there are at least 3 other guides in the dental industry that dentists use for matching crowns. These are generally cheaper than the bleaching guides, but they are absolutely no good for teeth whitening treatments because the colors do not progress from light to dark. If you buy one of these guides, you will need to rearrange the colors to try to have them going from light to dark, and some suppliers will actually do this for you in order to make you think that these guides can actually be used for teeth whitening, but even if they are rearranged they just can't be used for whitening.
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