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Tanning Bed Repair Pictures


 This page was designed to assist you in repairing your tanning bed.  Occasionally your tanning bed may need to be repaired or parts replaced.  In many cases the replacement parts are small and easily accessible and can be replaced by you or your staff.  We recognize that you are new to the tanning industry and might not know what all the components look like in a tanning bed.  In this instance these pictures can be invaluable in locating the correct part.  As always, please call with any questions  ph.(888) 724-3993


General Overview w/ Ballasts & Capacitors


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9.    10.




T-Max Timers


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General Bed Wiring


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Assembly Line


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XP Assembly Instructions

Click here for a picture of electrical outlet placement


Click here for a picture of ideal in-room bed placement

1A.Remove lounge from box.  Place lounge, bulbs facing down, on a soft surface.  Remove the eight 5/16" x 1 " bolts from the bench panel.

1B. Attach legs to lounge.

1B.Remove the 42" x 16" pieces of styrofoam from the box and place them across the bench rails (or use 2x4's).  Remove the clevis pins from the pistons.  Attach the pistons to the ball stud at each end (the smaller shaft is attached to the bench).

See step #4


1C.Attach front skirt and side skirt.  Side skirt installs behind front skirt with the 8 screws provided (you should be able to see into the slotted louvres).  Turn bench over so it is standing on the legs. CAUTION: DO NOT REMOVE FOAM PROTECTING THE TIMER, AS THE BUTTONS MAY TEAR WHEN TURNING THE BED OVER.

2. Remove the 3/8" x 1" bolts from the ends of the lounge.  Attach hinge plates.  Nylon washers go between the hinge and the bed end cap.

3.Remove canopy from the box.  Remove the 3/8" x 1.5" bolts from the ends.  Place the canopyCAREFULLYon the Styrofoam or 2x4's that you placed on the bench. Make sure you line up the rails or the styrofoam will break.  Align the top hole of the hinge with the hole in the canopy.  Install the 3/8" bolt though the shoulder washer and bushing.  Tighten all bolts at this time.    

4. Slowly raise canopy, remove 2 x 4's and attach the large end of the piston to the top ball stud.  Canopy should stay in the open position.

5.  Attach the body fan at either end of the bench using the screws provided.  Plug the body fan into the receptacle located beneath the bed. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PLUG ANY OTHER DEVICES INTO THESE RECEPTACLES.

6.  Remote time port is located at the rear of the bed across from the timer.

If you are not using a remote;  be sure that the plugs are attached to each other.

A) When using a remote timer other than a

T-Max; remove the red jumper wire from the removable section of the plug.

B) Install new timer wires where the red jumper was located.

NOTE:Save the red jumper wire and tape to back of bed for future use.

This unit is equipped with a with a 24 volt solid state backup timer that cannot be bypassed.  The backup timer will shut  down the bed and is set for the maximum exposure.

7.  Connect canopy and bench cords together; white to white; and black to black.  Plug the power cord into the wall receptacle.  Turn bed on using the timer.  Check to make sure all lamps are lit.


Jumper Wire


Jumper Wire Removed, Remote Timer used in conjunction with on board timer.


This product has a polarized plug (one end is wider than the other) .  As a safety feature, this plug will only fit in a polarized outlet one way.  If the plug does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug.  If it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician (you may need to replace your outlet).  Never use with an extension cord unless plug can be fully inserted.

Do not attempt to defeat this feature.

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