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Pearl Brite at Home Kit

Price: $59.00
Item Number: pearlkit
Manufacturer: pearl brite pro
Manufacturer Part No: pearlathomekit
The PearlBrite at Home Kit is the perfect way to brighten and whiten your smile and if used regularly it will keep your smile PearlBrite white! Light based teeth whitening procedures have an average of 96% success rate, but may vary based upon the condition and upkeep of the clients teeth. Certain habits such as using tobacco products, drinking coffee, tea, or even dark soft drinks may lessen your results. As long as you receive regular professional care by dentists, cosmetic whitening treatments and retail products such as whitening toothpaste and mouthwash may result in your results lasting longer. It is strongly suggested to consult with your dentist for regular cleanings and upkeep, as results may vary if proper care is not taken. On average and with proper upkeep, you should be able to keep your results for 1-2 years. PearlBrite procedures are safe, and will not soften enamel or existing fillings if instructions and frequency of use guidelines are followed. The main ingredient in PearlBrites whitening solution is Carbamide Proxide. Dentists have used peroxide solutions to achieve whitening results for many years. The percentage of Carbamide Peroxide used in PearlBrite Teeth Whitening is 44%. This mix is considered safe for all gum types and should not produce pain or sensitivity. If you experience any pain or sensitivity, immediately discontinue use.

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