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Lamp Kit for Prosun Onyx 32 SLI High Output with Radiance lamps

Price: $799.99
Item Number: Onyx 32SLi HO Rad
Manufacturer: URI
This lamp kit is for a Prosun Onyx 32 SLI Intensive. It includes all the lamps needed for a full bed lamp change. 
This lamp kit has 
  • 12 Radiance R2 Extreme Bronzer FR71 T12 160W (07051) lamps for the canopy 
  • 14 Radiance 71I Intensive Bronzer FR71 T12 100W (52344) lamps for the bottom 
  •   5 Radiance R2 Extreme Bronzer FR59 T12 140W (07050) lamps below the facial
The Radiance Intensive Bronzer is a premium bronzing lamp. It is a perfect replacement lamp for tanning beds and is still the best in other High Output applications. It is built with superior glass tubes and the highest quality phosphor blending. This lamp packs added value to salon owners simply because it costs less than other popular competitors, and consistently offers tanners deep bronzing results.
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