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New Customer Instructions



New Customer Instructions for How to Get Started



As we continued to develop our website and the information on it grew, we found that new customers were actually having more difficulties finding the information they needed to get started. 


In response to some valuable input from a few new clubs we decided to create a "e;Getting Started"e; page.  The below three stages may seem a little confusing but it's actually quite simple.  Following the directions below will also help you get acquainted with the website, so future website visits will be easier for you.


"e;Getting Started"e; will greatly simplify the initial order process and is broken down into 3 basic steps:



1. Print Copies of Required Forms (For Your Electrician and Your Records)

2. Create Account.

3. Place order for your Beds and Starter Supplies.

Note: All forms that require your input are interactive, meaning you can type the information into the form online then print the completed form for faxing.


Please read through the three stages below, if you have ANY questions or you run into a problem call our corporate office and we will assist you.    


1-888-724-3993   (Office Hours 8-5 everyday CST)


Or send your questions to:


Stage One  -  Print Documents



The first stage is printing the documents for your initial build out and setup.

The 5 documents listed below should all be printed and kept on file for you to reference when the time comes. 


The first 2 forms are primarily for your electrician and builders, they detail the electrical requirements and placement of room items.  You should also print a second copy of these documents for your records as well. 


The final 3 forms are information that you will need during and after your beds arrives.


1.Room Diagrams.

(This document doesn't need to be printed, please note its information)

2.Electrical Requirements.

3.Bed Arrival Instructions.

4.Bed Assembly Instructions.

5.Online Catalog Access Instructions.( Password Required )


  Stage Two  -  Create Online Account  



Creating an online account is simple and will only take about 3 minutes.  All we ask for is that you provide shipping and billing information and choose a username and password.  Once your account is created just call our office for validation.  Validation allows you to order your products on a pre-approved Anytime Fitness pricing scheme at almost 70% off retail cost!


To create an accountclick here.


Call1-888-724-3993to validate your account.


* If the computer is still a new invention for you and the thought of setting up an online account makes you want to scream, just call our office at

1-888-724-3993and we will setup the account for you, give you your password and walk you through your first online order.







Stage Three  -  Place Initial Order





Now that you have printed all required documents and created your account you can place your first order.  To assure that the website recognizes your new account please close this window and open a new one, then login to your account.  We ask that you do this because any pages that you visited before your account was created are stored in the computers memory, and revisiting them with the same window will only produce the stored page. 


Once you are logged in to your account your name will display above the login fields.  You must be logged into a validated account to complete your order.  At the end of your order you will be asked for an account number in place of payment information.  If you do not have your account number, Please enter your club location in the following format(Anytime Fitness - Duluth, MN), this will allow us to process your order more effectively.



When you check-out with your order you will notice a box for entering your club location.  This box replaces the typical payment information box.  To complete your order simply enter the City and State for your club.  We will then know where to ship the order to and what account to charge, all orders MUST be paid for IN FULL before they will ship. 

We do not currently allow real-time credit card processing on the AJVENDOR.COM site.  We chose this approach so that club managers and employees can place orders for the club without needing the owners credit card information, yet please be sure we have current credit card information on file so your order can be paid for, after your payment has been recieved your order will ship.  Please call with questions regarding this policy. (1.888.724.3993)


Order Processing:

In order for us to complete your online-order we require payment information before the products will be approved for shipping.  Paying for your order can be accomplished in one of two ways.  You can place your credit card information on file with us, then we can bill your account in-house when you place your order online.  Or you can submit the order to us and then call with your payment information each time you place an order. 


Paying by Check:

We currently do not offer electronic check processing.  If you would like to pay for your order by check or personal bank account please call our billing department and speak to an account representative.  After your check is received and processed your order will ship.

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