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Why isn't the bed turning on when my customers swipe their key Fob?
  The customer needs to queue up his or her desired amount of tanning time on the unit and push start. 
2.   Why is my bed not turning on?
  Please see Assembly Instructions and Maintenance Tips in ourSupportmenu to your left.
3.   Why is my bed not turning on but my fans are running?

This is usually an indication that your key Fob has already been used in the past 24 hours.  Most of the time this happens when the managers are testing the units, typically because they forgot to close the door. 

(Swiping a Fob with the door open will disable the Fob for 24 hours, as will swiping the Fob with the door closed & then opening the door.)

Contact Apex management with the information below for instructions on how to bypass this security feature. 


Phone # :(800) 317-2739   

4.   Is it safe for my pregnant clients to tan?
  This is a very common question, with a long answer. Click here to read the article.
5.   What is the weight limit on my beds?
  The highest recommended weight limit is 285 pounds.  Although your bed is steel and it may seem like it can hold more weight, the recommendation is for protection of the acrylic shield that your tanners lie on.  If you are looking for a tanning system for larger tanners who would exceed the maximum weight limit of a traditional lie down bed, AJ's recommends the 9000STS Vertical Tanning System.  Clients simply walk in and stand for the duration of the tanning session, so no weight limit is necessary. 

NOTE: Acrylic Precautionswall mountable signs available for purchase here.

6.   How do I clear the time on my T-Max 3A (in-room) timer?

Press -->Start 

Then hold down the up arrow until you see a " 0 "

7.    What is better, indoor or outdoor tanning? this is a good question to ask, and here is a quick answer.
8.   Tanning Lamp FAQ's

Please direct all other questions to AJ's Tanning Sales & Service at


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